The Truth about Good Website Design

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The basis of any business is to build it up and make money from it. Just as important as the initial plan for your business is the marketing and good website design that you will do to draw customers into your business.

So what features are important to all good website design in order to gain maximum momentum and conversions?

  • Clear Purpose: Every website built needs a clear purpose, whether that is to visit a store, call a phone number and purchase a service or product. If the purpose for your website is not clear or confuses your customers then people are likely to just click away or close your website. A rule that we use in designing any good website is: Does it give people a clear indication of what you do and an action that they need to take within 3 seconds. If customers don’t know what to do within 3 seconds, then you lose 95% of people immediately.
  • Easy Navigation: There is nothing more frustrating that getting onto a website and finding that you can’t easily find the information that you seek. Even the biggest websites that are successful have got a search bar, easy menu or sub-sections where everything relating to a particular subject is there. Easy navigation for customers is essential to good website design.

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  • Not too Crowded Design: Everyone has been on a website in the past that has advertising banners everywhere, click here… look there… trial this… it is distracting, can be confusing and defeats the purpose of your website if your customers click away.

As a rule in our good website design we only use one clear purpose per page. So if you want people to have a different option or have a separate business that you want to market, we can make a separate area of the website or a separate website for people to explore.

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  • 50/50 Words to Pictures: Some people are visual, some prefer to read. Incorporating both into your good website design makes it visually appealing, clean & tidy and delivers the information that you want to give. All the pictures that are added to the website are appropriate to the information that is written in the website. So if your customers skim read or just look at the pictures they are still getting the information you are delivering. Good website design can also include some videos. Videos are easy for customers to watch and can deliver a large amount of information very quickly to potential clients.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A vital part to any good website design is the search engine optimization. This information is obtained by doing keyword research, basically, asking Google what search terms that people are using to find businesses related to your niche area. Taking the written articles that you provide and adding keywords to them at the rate of 1%. This tells Google what your article and website is about and pushes you up in the ranks of the search engines, not just Google but also Yahoo and Bing. Pushing your website up increases the amount of traffic to the website and the amount of people that can find you.

The aim for your website is always to push it to page one for your main key phrases related to your business.

  • Social Media Integration: Almost all business owners will know the saying “A happy customer will tell one person about their experience, an unhappy customer will tell ten people”. Social Media integration these days is crucial to the success of most businesses. Happy customers generally have no problem in leaving feedback for a job well done, but many people find it too time consuming to leave reviews. So, let’s make it easy for your customers to rave about your business… The more active that you are with your social media in the beginning, the more active your customers will be and it’s all as easy as pushing a simple ‘thumbs up’ button. After a while your customers begin posting on your page and your involvement in the social media posting can become quite automated. Good website design incorporates social media, we can also include a social media feed into your website… helping to keep your website dynamic.
  • Mobile Responsive Design: Google has recently changed their search algorithm to increasingly rank mobile responsive websites higher than unresponsive websites. Today, more than 50% of Google searches are being done on mobile or tablet. Reflecting this, all good website designs that we build are done on a mobile responsive design platforms. Giving you a beautiful website on any size screen.

There are many people who can build you a website, although making it in the right way so that your website converts and brings you more customers is not so easy. The good website design that we incorporate into your strategy have competitor and market research, website development and include all of the right ingredients to get your business ranking online.

Don’t forget that your website and digital marketing is all tax deductible.

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