Social Media for Business

Social Media for small business


its all about engagement

Social media platforms open up a channel for you to communicate with your customers. Social media for business can be a very powerful tool. Unlike a website or google business listing it is very powerful for use with other marketing strategies. This does not mean that you should just use social media. A strong digital marketing campaign will include a website that you own complimented by social media relevant to your audience. Some of the marketing strategies social media allows us to use include are product launches, customer engagement, competitions, customer retention and very specific market advertising.
This makes social media and extremely powerful tool in marketing when implemented effectively. A poorly implemented or managed social media campaign can end up in irreversible brand damage and even company failure in extreme cases. Similarly it can be the vehicle of unmatched success. Viral product growth resulting in huge company buyouts are more common than most realize.
Not all social media platforms are made equal. The suitability of your business to use social media depends greatly on the demographic that you are aiming for. The age, gender, interests, product, location and many other factors go into determining the suitability of a social network for your product or business. For example you would not expect Twitter, a platform where people share thoughts to the tune of 120 characters, to be a good fit for a fashion label. This would be much more suited to an image sharing platform like Instagram or Pinterest.
Management of a social media page or pages can be a time consuming endeavor and should only be thought of as a strategy for a business that can leverage the use of the service. Engagement with customers is becoming more and more important. Building a close relationship with your customers is becoming essential with the ever increasing competition all markets are facing these days. Keeping your customers updated on what you’re up to and new offers you have for them will keep them interested and coming back.
You should talk to your marketing manager about the use of social media and the best way it could assist your business. Social media is free to implement but the time needed for upkeep and management can be significant. You should be sure that your market will engage you on the platform of your choice. Picking one that you are familiar with, comfortable using and will keep updated is just as important. Share, like, comment and have fun, social media is there to be enjoyed.

Brand Development

Social media is one of the best and most cost effective ways of developing your brand. This is becasue it allows your customers to interact with your business interactively through good content.
Social Media marketing is very good for search-engine viability becasue in the process of being engaged with your market it develops a lot of related content for your business or product. This shows that there is a lot of activity in that area and this is what search engines are attracted to.