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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short describes a number of actions that a webmaster (website builder) does to the content on a website to prioritize it for certain keywords/key phrases. This allows Search Engines to prioritize webpages with the most relevant content to rank higher in the search results.

This is why the first page on a Google search will usually be the most relevant and useful content. The pages after the first few results will slowly decrease in relevance and quality due to this hierarchical setup.

Keywords/Key phrases

Keywords and key phrases are essentially the same thing. For example there are a number of technical terms used to describe it but they all refer to the words that you will type into Google to get the results that you are after. For example “Hawaii” is an example of a keyword and “exclusive hotels in Hawaii” is an example of a key phrase. They are both the same thing one is just more specific than the other.

For SEO purposes these are the terms that a web developer with aim your website or webpages at to attract a specific audience to get to the top of Google or other search engine results.

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The content of the website is exactly what it sounds like the written word, photos, video and anything else on the page. This article itself is a form of content. The better the content is written, the more engaging and longer people read it will affect how relevant the page is to the given topic and affect the ranking it gets. Obviously an article that gets read and shared 1000 times as opposed to on that is read 10 times will look a lot different to the search engines and helps the page rank higher in the list.


Links refers to when someone shares your article on Facebook, references it in a blog or a news agency refers to it as a resource on a topic. All of these “links” create a connection back to your page and will re-enforce a page as a resource for good information.

All of these are parts of SEO, and should all be included in developing a good SEO strategy. Putting good, engaging, unique content on your website is a big part of the battle to get your page up there for the keywords that matter for your site. But there is a lot more to it and it is a process that must be ongoing to keep on top of the list for your business.

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