This will happen in two ways, the first one will be that it will be a lot harder for customers to access and navigate your site if it doesn’t scale well to the mobile platform. Customers will always look for something that is easy to access. Having to zoom and scroll to read the text on your website is not good for customer engagement and will cause you to lose them quicker.

The second way this will have a negative impact on your site is that Google has announced that as of the 21st of April 2015 they will penalize websites that are not optimized for mobile. This means that you may lose your ranking to competitors that have a mobile friendly site.

All you need to fix this or make sure that you will pass the test Google has provided a tool that will test your website and let you know if it passes or not. The link to the Mobile-Friendly Test is here.

If you need assistance please give us a call or send an email. Or contact your webmaster to resolve this issue for you.

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